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At National Concrete we ensure that our staff follow the correct safety procedures at all times. This is because we believe that when delivering, pumping and handling ready mix concrete, health & safety is paramount. It doesn’t matter whether we are on a building site or in someone’s back garden, the correct clothing and equipment is always used. We advise that you should also take the same level of care when working with concrete.

At all times, our staff wear adequate protective clothing including boots, long sleeved tops, gloves and eye protection. Strong alkali such as wet concrete, screed and mortar can be dangerous when they come into contact with skin or the eyes. Ulcers, serious burns or acute allergic reactions may result from contact. If you do accidentally come into contact with concrete, you should immediately wash the affected area with plenty of water. If it has come into contact with your eyes, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Working Safely

The quality of the ready mix concrete we make and supply is extremely important to us. We also take ready mix concrete health and safety very seriously.

These British Standards specify that concrete should meet certain requirements. These requirements include the properties of fresh and hardened concrete, the materials used to make it and the specification of the finished concrete. The delivery, the production control procedures and the conformity criteria of the concrete are also taken into account during its assessment.

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