Environmental Policy

National Mini Mix (Sheffield) Environmental Policy Rev01/Jan14/RJM National Mini Mix recognises that its activities, products and services have an impact on the Environment. In order that these impacts are kept to an acceptable level, National Mini Mix has implemented an Environmental Policy to act as the fundamental statement of intent. This is to….

Continually to improve its environmental performance by limiting to the lowest practicable level, in line with its business objectives, the environmental impact of its activities, products or services.

Plan, organise and control all activities, products and services, including design that may have an environmental impact by the adherence to documented procedures, work instructions and other Management Systems e.g. SO 9001.

Comply with all relevant legislation that applies to its activities, products or services including Material Safety Data Sheets, COSHH and Health and Safety.

Identify and assess all significant environmental aspects that may arise as a direct consequence of its activities, products or services.

Set itself objectives and targets that form part of the Environmental Policy, the implementation of which will aid the reduction of environmental impacts.

Reduce the energy consumption, production of waste required for National Mini Mixes operation and to utilise environmentally friendly products wherever possible.

Achieve and maintain registration to ISO 9001.

To regularly audit the operational systems to ensure compliance to ISO 9001 and the general requirements of ISO 14001.

Communicate this Policy to all employees and to external bodies or the public on request.

Ensure that at each level of the Company the necessary personnel, skill, expertise and knowledge are available to enable the requirements of this Policy to be carried out.

Provide suitable and sufficient information, instruction and training to all employees to enable them to perform their job functions in an environmentally aware manner and to achieve the stated environmental objectives and targets.

This Policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary.

— G Jeonney
Managing Director